Tulum, located in the great Riviera Maya de México, has emerged as a dream destination that attracts travelers from all over the world. What began as a shelter of pristine beaches and Mayan ruins has become a place of rebirth. Now, it is experiencing a renaissance with urban development plans preserving its essence.


The Rebirth of Tulum: How a Paradise Becomes a Home 

This transformation is based on a combination of educational and health services, growing infrastructure projects, and new real estate projects. Focused on offering spacious and better-designed spaces ready to meet the growing demand for second homes. This increasing demand and the combination of all these factors are driving Tulum into the near future as an exceptional place to live and visit. 


Quality of Life in Riviera Maya

Quality Education: International Schools that Attract Families 

Tulum is committed to offering quality education to attract families and professionals from all over the world. International schools, such as the Green School and the German  International School, have emerged to meet the region’s growing population. These schools enrich resident learning environments and draw those seeking exceptional education for their children in Tulum.



Leading Edge Medical Care: Health and Wellness in Tulum 

Health and wellness are priorities in the new area in Tulum. Hospitals, Healthcare Clinics, and Wellness Centers have been established to ensure that residents and visitors receive the best medical care. These medical services provide peace of mind to those who choose Tulum as their home or tourist destination.


Quality of Life in Riviera Maya

Growing Infrastructure: 

In the last few years, Tulum has received significant investments in infrastructure; landmark projects such as the Tulum International Airport, The Mayan Train, The Jaguar Park, and the renovation of Av. Coba Sur has underpinned the economic and social growth of  Tulum and its surroundings, turning it into a world-class destination that has it all. 

Quality of Life in Riviera Maya

Sustainability and Conservation: The Ecological Commitment of Tulum A distinguishing feature of Tulum’s new era is its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. The real estate developments in the region strive to minimize their impact on the natural environment. Which not only projects the area’s beauty but also attracts those who value living in harmony with nature. 

Quality of Life in Riviera Maya

The Developments of the New Era: Cardinal Tulum and the Sustainable Future This new era in Tulum is accompanied by a booming second home market, especially in the townhome segment, which offers better and larger spaces that generate community and, at the same time, positively impact its surroundings, where residential developments such as Cardinal Tulum will play a crucial role in this growth.  

Cardinal Tulum offers 2, 3, and 4-bedroom Townhouses with a unique combination of luxury,  sustainability, and comfort, as well as professional hospitality services on demand. Thanks to its bioclimatic design and EDGE certification, it reduces its carbon footprint, offering more excellent value and quality of life at a lower price and a high capital gain

Cardinal Tulum Townhouses

Invest in Cardinal Tulum: Your Contribution to the Sustainable Future of Tulum In this new and exciting era, Tulum will go from being a trendy top tourist destination to a  vibrant city.  Where families will be able to settle comfortably and where tourists will find the best services. Tulum is the perfect combination of natural beauty and modern infrastructure to consolidate itself as a world-class destination. 

Amidst Tulum’s Renaissance in Riviera Maya, an exciting quality-of-life era is emerging, promising an exhilarating future in the region. With a focus on quality education, leading-edge medical care, a growing infrastructure, and a solid commitment to sustainability and conservation, Tulum is a destination that has it all. 

At Cardinal Tulum, your home symbolizes a commitment to nature and wellness. This is your opportunity to be part of Tulum’s transformation and live in a community that values quality of life. The future of Tulum is bright, and you can be part of it along with Cardinal. If you are looking for a second home that offers luxury, sustainability, and comfort in Tulum,  Cardinal is your choice. Join the new era of Tulum and discover what this exciting destination has to offer! 

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