There are many reasons to make a sustainable investment, including the fact that the G20 – made up of the world’s top twenty economies – has as one of its goals to triple investments in nature by  2030, so we can anticipate a significant boost to investments in the international private sector,  banking, and tax. 

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), it is estimated that the annual rate of investment in this sector will have to be more than 500,000,000.00 USD per year. The synergy that will accumulate could reverse environmental wear and tear and, at the same time, generate exponential gains. Make Sustainable Investment with XunKari Tulum.

The universe of environmental investments is vast and is not restricted to large corporations or states financing renewable energy macro-projects. Small investors can exploit this niche and protect their wealth and the planet. Let’s take a look at some of your best options:  

Startups based on green energy 

All emerging businesses whose processes and end products help reduce the environmental footprint of their industry have excellent growth prospects for years to come. 

Among them, we can count solar panel companies, transportation that does not depend on fossil fuels, organic and “zero waists” personal care and hygiene products, plant-based foods, and, in general, the entire agricultural and food sector whose production chain is 100%  sustainable. 

Sustainable Investments: XunKari Tulum

Investment funds  

Sustainable energy investment funds are ideal for investors who want to put their money to work but with minimal complications because they leave their portfolio to experts who identify suitable opportunities to invest in sustainability. 

Given that this niche is becoming increasingly popular, more and more banks are offering this option to their investors, and the guarantees and risk levels of green investment funds are becoming more and more attractive. 

Reforestation and safeguarding of endangered species 

Never before have so many species of fauna and flora been on the verge of extinction. Consumption, hunting, and indiscriminate logging devastate entire ecosystems, 

but it is also possible to promote an industry based on the extraction of renewable resources that gives back to the earth more than it takes from it. 

For example, companies in all industries exploit a few plots of land but reforest twice as much. Breeding farms trade in endangered species, but at the same time, protect free-racing species to increase their population. 

Sustainable Investments: XunKari Tulum


Finding more sustainable and efficient ways to meet human needs is something that can only be achieved through research, and research needs funding. 

This situation is a high-risk investment for many because we depend on viable products to generate profits. Still, considering the current state of technology and science, we realize that thousands of sustainable applications are just waiting to be perfected and patented. 

Ecological housing 

Those who want to make earth-friendly investments but at the same time  acquire properties, maintain a minimum level of risk and a secure profit in the  long term can bet on the real estate sector, 

as long as they are green projects that make a real effort to build homes that reduce the waste of resources and energy.  

For example, one of the fastest-growing real estate sectors is vacation ownership, but it often involves the disruption of ecosystems and entire communities. A responsible real estate project not only builds eco-friendly complexes with non-polluting materials but also integrates appropriately with the needs of local inhabitants, offers decent sources of employment, and keeps waste production to a minimum. 

If you want to invest in real estate, acquire a vacation property that you enjoy,  generate capital gains, and offer an environmentally friendly alternative for tourism, at One Prime Tulum, we are already waiting for you with low-risk options that will materialize your dream of owning a property in the Riviera Maya. 

Sustainable Investments: XunKari Tulum

Celebrities and their sustainable homes 

Some famous people are known for their interest in sustainability and have a sustainable  house, for example: 

Leonardo DiCaprio has a sustainable home in Los Angeles, California, with solar panels and rainwater collection systems, and it is built with eco-friendly materials.

Brad Pitt: He is known for his commitment to sustainability. He has collaborated on green housing projects in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and invested in constructing sustainable homes in other locations. 

Ed Begley Jr.: The Hollywood green ambassador known for his environmental activism and sustainable lifestyle. He has built his own sustainable home in Los Angeles, which features solar panels and rainwater collection systems and is designed to minimize environmental impact. Ed Begley Jr. House Tour Los Angeles 

These are just a few of the many famous people who are committed to sustainability and have invested in sustainable homes. Their example shows that combining success and fame with an environmentally friendly lifestyle is possible. Make Sustainable Investments.


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