If you’re looking for a place to fulfill your dreams while watching your children flourish to their fullest potential, Cardinal Tulum is the next destination you’ll be calling home.

With a unique concept in the market, Cardinal takes the slow living you’ve always heard about and transforms it into true holistic paradise living. It’s not just a place where you and your loved ones will have everything you need to make each moment transcendental, but also a community in the heart of the jungle that beats to your same values. 


Cardinal: Marvel your family every single day


Tulum is an incredibly attractive real estate investment destination but, currently, there are few options truly tailored for those looking to make it their long-term family home.


Cardinal Tulum stands out as an extraordinary development because it has everything you could ever ask for in terms of tranquility, comfort, security, privacy, location, and exclusivity for families of four or more. Let’s take you on a tour of its unique features while you envision everything you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy.


Top-notch education

Tulum is a cosmopolitan city on the rise, where children grow up completely bilingual and can interact with hundreds of people speaking different languages and with diverse cultural backgrounds, guaranteeing the global citizenship mentality you want for them.


As if that weren’t enough, Tulum’s academies share a philosophy of integral, multicultural development in harmony with the environment. Especially noteworthy is the acclaimed Green School, an educational project that is shaping the leaders of the future, located just a few steps from your residence in Cardinal.

Explore Eco-Friendly Real Estate near Green School Tulum - Your Gateway to Sustainable Living

Unique amenities

Surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape, Cardinal provides direct pedestrian access to a private beach and specially designed spaces for children to have fun and discover their talents, such as the urban garden, the stargazing observatory, the children’s play area, or the family pool; as well as a spa and alternative medicine center that is always available for residents, and much more.

Relaxing Poolside Retreat - Enjoy the Serene Pool at our Sustainable Development in selvazama

Residences designed for your family

Space is essential for the harmonious coexistence of a family. With layouts featuring up to four bedrooms, Cardinal’s townhouses consist of three levels, gardens, terraces, outdoor tubs, private jacuzzis, and ample spaces for everyone to comfortably pursue their passions.

All properties boast sustainable bioclimatic architecture and strategic, low-consumption, high-efficiency equipment, promoting an ethical lifestyle with minimal impact on the environment. Lastly, the visual and acoustic design prevents sensory overload and fosters concentration and emotional tranquility.

Family-Oriented Eco-Living - Embrace Harmonious Community Living at our Tulum Development

Prime location

Cardinal Tulum is a development located in Selvazama, the most sought-after gated community in Tulum. Not only does it offer all services at your fingertips, including specialized high-level health services, but the entire neighborhood exudes the barefoot luxury of an international community highly focused on art, gastronomy, innovation, culture, and nature.


Guaranteed security

Selvazama is one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Mexico, and Cardinal features only twenty residences with 24/7 security, access control, and surveillance cameras, providing you the peace of mind of always knowing where your children are.


A Like-minded community 

Cardinal’s residents belong to a nurturing community that shares the values of family, prosperity in harmony with nature, and an authentic lifestyle. Surrounding yourself and your family with like-minded people, you can form lasting friendships around the fire pit, network while exercising at our raw gym, or simply create unforgettable memories by sharing common interests with your neighbors on the sundeck.


Intelligent investment

Acquiring a residence in Cardinal Tulum also means financial protection for you and your family. With an annual appreciation of around 11%, it’s an investment that ensures greater peace of mind for the future.


Join the paradise living community and become one of the twenty homeowners who will experience the lifestyle of Cardinal Tulum, where togetherness and wellness are in perfect synergy.


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