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The Riviera Maya is one of the best destinations to establish your second home, as the best architects design numerous developments. However, choosing the best one requires basic construction and vacation real estate knowledge. Today we bring you a list of 7 architectural secrets that may not attract attention at first glance. Still, we will make all the difference during your stay, as they promote mental, physical, and emotional balance.

1) Surrounding atmosphere

The best vacation properties surround you in an ecosystem of their own; once you enter the resort, it seems the outside world does not exist. At the same time, they are integrated with the endemic flora of the area, and the green regions make a natural transition to the perimeter vegetation, creating a bubble of privacy that allows you to reconnect with nature. 


2) Natural light and indirect illumination 

Another aspect to consider is the department’s natural light, regardless of location within the complex. Large windows and high skylights with strategic orientation are good examples, and they also contribute to always keeping a pleasant temperature inside. 

The lighting should be designed to create subtle atmospheres through different points of light that gently dissolves into the walls and objects rather than coming from a single central source. Similarly, warm light and cold light must serve different purposes. 


3) Temperature control 

Although air conditioning in beach condominiums is essential, an architectural design designed to control the temperature through complementary thermal systems is even more important. For example, orientation, wall and window materials, louvers, breezeways, and high ceilings, to name just a few. 


4) Sound control

At the same level as temperature and lighting is the acoustic control. While urban noise is not a problem in residential complexes on the periphery of cities, noise generated by normal activity can be problematic if the walls are very thin. 

Soundproofing is an essential part of privacy. Remember that organic materials have better sound absorption coefficients than materials such as apparent concrete and partition walls, which impact indoor sound comfort.



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5) Privacy 

Privacy in a vacation condominium is one of the most critical aspects for expert architects in this field. To give just one example, they must ensure that tower views always overlook gardens or common areas, not other apartments’ windows. 

In addition to this, the entrances to the condominiums or villas should be individual, and entering and leaving your property should be as anonymous as possible. It is also highly desirable that your vacation department has its terrace, but ensure it keeps you safe from prying eyes. 


6) Sustainability

Living in harmony with the environment is becoming increasingly important, which is why many developments already integrate sustainable technology to reduce the carbon footprint of homes. Some examples include solar panels, organic building materials, rainwater harvesting systems, wastewater treatment plants, reverse osmosis water filtration to make water potable, etc. 

Another sustainability feature in furnished vacation homes is energy-saving appliances and lighting systems. It is also worth asking how the complex handles waste disposal at a general level. 


7) Accessibility 

Remember that your vacation property is a long-term investment intended to provide superb comfort, so you should analyze how easy it would be for a disabled or older person to move around the residence and the public areas inside the development, such as the pool or spa. Wide entrances, ramps, elevators, handrails, signage, and well-lit walkways are good examples.



At One Prime, we want you to invest in a vacation condo that is a good real estate investment and an excellent decision for your holistic well-being.


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