Thousands of people confess that the sense of peace, balance, spirituality, and rejuvenation they experienced in the Riviera Maya led them to make this place their second home or even their permanent residence. 

Holistic wellness and self-care tourism is a rapidly evolving trend in many parts of the world,  but nowhere more so than in Tulum, an energetic place that people choose not for vacation but for profoundly transformative, energizing, and healing experiences. 

In México, the wellness tourism sector is experiencing a growth of more than 15% annually,  which makes it the most attractive wellness destination in Latin America, and Tulum is without a doubt the jewel in the crown among the many options for physical, mental and emotional balance that this country has to offer.  

We want to show you the 7 wellness activities in Tulum for those seeking a life with more balance will find that Tulum offers much more than occasional tourism, as its thriving real estate industry allows you to have a second home in total harmony that, at the same time, an intelligent investment.  


7 wellness activities that Tulum has to offer for you

1) Yoga and meditation retreats 

Tulum’s atmosphere is relaxing but invigorating, just like yoga, so it is no surprise that it is increasingly known as the world capital of this discipline. Here, you can find many studies and retreats for yoga, meditation, reiki, aerial dance, traditional dances, and much more. 

For all ages, from beginners to advanced, Tulum promotes health, endurance, and body balance in close synergy with the mind and spirit.

yoga Wellness activities in Tulum

2) Retreats for women

In Tulum, there is a great respect for the mystical feminine essence, from the ancestral traditions of the Mayans to the communities of residents who are increasingly aware of the importance of honoring the incarnation of Mother Earth in every living being. 

Those who wish to reconnect with their feminine energy can do so through women’s groups and sisterhood retreats that offer spaces to calm the mind, ground emotions, eliminate blockages, generate abundance, release the power of the inner goddess, reconnect with pleasure, and learn new ways to heal by and for oneself. 

 Wellness retreats activities in Tulum

3) Ecobalance

Tulum is surrounded by natural wonders: reserves, jungle, turquoise beaches, and crystalline cenotes, among others, and the best thing is that there is also a culture of eco-environmental conservation ideal for those who enjoy a genuine connection with the environment. 

There are many activities aimed at getting to know these natural wonders up close and personal, but always with care and respect, for example, wellness camps in the middle of the jungle for the more adventurous, yoga classes in front of the sunrise on the beach, or diving lessons to connect with the respiration in the cenotes.  

ecological Wellness activities in Tulum

4) Traditional alternative medicine

The traditional medicine of the Mayan culture has survived to the present day, and in Tulum, it has been combined with some of the most modern and vanguard health and esthetic techniques in the world. Those who want to heal from the inside out will find a wealth of traditional and non-invasive alternatives, especially for all types of medical conditions, to detoxify the body and to promote beauty, such as massages, clay, and the temazcal. Additionally, the Riviera Maya has some of the best allopathic medicine centers in the  Caribbean, so it has the best of both worlds. 

medical Wellness activities in Tulum

5) Millenary spirituality 

Mindfulness and all expressions of spirituality to heal and balance the spirit find the perfect home in Tulum, as it is believed that this place is located precisely in one of the energetic vortexes of the earth’s electromagnetic field. 

The vibration experienced by the soul in this area is difficult to explain. Still, it has something to do with the fact that pyramids and ancient archaeological sites surround it.

No matter your belief, in Tulum, you will find world-renowned spiritual guides,  authentic healing rituals and ceremonies, shamanic circles, intuitive coaching, abundance manifestation workshops, energetic alignment, and more. 

spiritual activities in Tulum

6) Gastronomy

Pleasure is also a fundamental part of a wellness life, and what greater pleasure than food?  The culinary offer of the Riviera Maya is impressive, as you will find some of the most interesting gastronomic fusions that respect health, the environment, and local producers. 

From fine dining restaurants to organic markets, the palate always has something new to discover here. 

foodie activities in Tulum

7) Community

Creating positive ties and bonds with like-minded people is a fundamental part of any wellness lifestyle. The community of foreign residents in Tulum is exceptionally close and warm and offers the best welcome to recent arrivals. Here, you will find others with similar interests, and there will always be someone with whom you can share the best experiences.  

As you can see, these are the 7 wellness activities that make Tulum a  destination like no other. You need to know that the real estate industry in Tulum takes these aspects into account, which is why it is increasingly common to find amenities and holistic experiences within residential complexes.

community activities in Tulum


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