About Playa del Carmen.

Do you know about this part of the Riviera Maya that attracts thousands of tourists year after year? Part of what makes Playa del Carmen so attractive is its privileged location in relation to all of the activities that you can unwind with in the Riviera Maya. From Cancun International Airport to the most important city in the Municipality of Solidaridad, there are around 55km of highway, a different option and comfortable for tourism if you’re looking for a more chilled out place than Cancun, while still looking for the same attractions that a city offers.

Because it’s the city that lies in the heart of the Riviera, it has become the natural choice to set up base and head out on various excursions without having to drive for hundreds of kilometers from one place to another.

Playa del Carmen, however is 65km from the city of Tulum, the new eco-sustainable option in the Riviera Maya, with its Mayan ruins overlooking the ocean and luxury boutique hotels, and of course Sian Kaan, the breathtakingly beautiful natural reserve where you can do a range of activities in the midst of nature.

Also coming from Playa, we have the option to visit cenotes just 20km away: Cenote Cristalino, Cenote Azúl, El Jardín del Edén; beaches protected because they are sea turtle sanctuaries, such as Xcacel and Akumal, just 45km drive; easy access from the highway to the island of Holbox, which is a true paradise- where birdwatching, ocean bioluminescence and whale sharks attract nature lovers looking to see the real thing untainted; and the ferry ready to take us to snorkel on Cozumel-the neighboring island surrounded by corral- that sets off from the Playa port every day with a range of timetables that start from dawn and end at 8pm.

Because its a strategic point to move about from to enjoy countless activities that Quintana Roo never stops offering, Playa del Carmen hasn’t stopped growing, and nor has its wealth of of national and international investments.

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