Red Right, a new era for real estate

January, 17th, 2019 at Purobeach Club saw the first edition of the grand celebration of Red Night. As expected from the start of something unique, the extraordinary event marked a key moment in the real estate industry and brought with it many changes.

This event was born of a very clear objective: to celebrate the lifestyle that everyone in the Riviera Maya real estate world enjoys.

With the participation of Mexican journalist Paola Rojas and in the presence of personalities from the hotel, real estate and political spheres, Adora Tulum was presented to the world. A development made iconic for its being the first high end project to include blocks made with the sargassum seaweed known locally as “sargazo”.

The description of its focus on the environment and sustainability was one of the most iconic moments, given the use of technology and materials like the sargassum block, places it firmly as one of the most disruptive projects of 2019.

The future made itself present and important voices from the real estate sector participated in the celebration that recognizes the vision show to transform our surroundings through projects that represent innovation and sustainability. Adora Tulum breaks away form the status quo and puts forward a new way to experience a luxury concept that lives in harmony with nature and an architectural design that is unique in its category.

Without doubt, Red Night was an unforgettable extravaganza that lasted into the wee hours that will forever be remembered for the new era of real estate and for what it represents to both the Riviera Maya and the country.”

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