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Tulum is a real estate boom for a lot of reasons that we will be explaining in each one of our upcoming blogposts; this is reflected in the fact that Tulum has been shortlisted by some of the most prestigious associations that evaluate the quality of service offered by tourist destinations: Central America’s Leading Beach 2008, Mexico & Central America’s Leading Beach Destination 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, World’s Leading Beach Destination 2016, 2017. Having obtained the award for México & Central America’s Leading Beach 2009; Mexico & Central America’s Leading Beach Destination 2016 and Mexico’s Leading Beach Destination 2017.

What is it that makes a destination enjoy a spectacular real estate boom?

When different prestigious international companies and organizations decide to put up shop in a new location, with everything that is required in establishing themselves in a new city, the projection that they make in order to take the decision is so big that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The fact that they themselves bet on a destination, because of specific aspects that the destination boasts, makes the city take off and put itself in the hands of the real estate investors with high profit records.

This is the case with Green Bamboo School.

Green Bamboo School is a school founded in Bali by John and Cindy Hardy, where the children are prepared using “holistic education” that is divided into four sections: intellectual, socio-economic, creative and physical. The classes are given in a natural environment, where the learning spaces don’t have walls, but rather huge structures made from bamboo that protect the students from adverse weather conditions, in perfect harmony with nature that surrounds them.

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